Fixing Styling Errors on Odoo 12

In this tutorial, I will like to share my first experience when i tried instalingl Odoo 12, and this will be as straight forward as possible.

I assume you have already downloaded Odoo 12 and you are about to start. Now, most people start Odoo from their terminals, which is fine, whichever way is fine as long as your Odoo is running. Since your Odoo is running on the terminal, let’s get the styling error fixed:

Step 1: Face the Fear

What I mean by this is, you type in your address on your browser, for most people it is:, as for me, it is my PC name, then the 8069 port.

When you enter the web address, you will probably get this kind of error:



That’s scary right?, but relax, the solution is coming

Step 2: Kick out the Fear 

Now, it is time to kick out the fear, the first way you can do this is by installing the requirement file with the extension .txt. You can locate this by locating your odoo path and point down to where you have addons, odoo-bin etc.


You will notice from the above picture, that you have the requirement.txt file. Staying on the path on your terminal, you should install all the dependencies on the file.

You can install the dependencies by using the command line below:

sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

If all the dependencies are completely installed, kindly restart your server and boom the styling should be fixed.


Note: The dependency that actually fixed the styling is called libsass with the version 0.12.3 . 

I hope this solves your styling issues, if you have any question to ask, probably this did not solve your issue, kindly comment below and I will be willing to help out.

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  1. I have installed the requirement.txt as whole and libsass==0.12.3 also installed successfully but i face same problem .. please help

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