The Road Path to Building an Odoo Module

I bring to you a very great opportunity to begin your desire on how you can start building an odoo module.

I understand that you might have being wondering, how do i build a module? You might have gone through so many resources, out there and you cant just combine the pieces together. You used some of these resources half way and you got lost.

Well, I have a gift for you and it is totally free. I have created a course for you and you will learn so many things about building an odoo module, you will even do a bit of practicing.

Without wasting much of your time, I will list out the course outline, after which you can drop your email for me to send you this gift, then you can watch and learn anytime you like.

Here is the course outline:

  1. Getting Started
    • Welcome
    • Install Odoo 13 on Ubuntu 18.04
    • Easy Development with PyCharm
    • PyCharm Hacks for Odoo Development
    • Module Structure and Compositions
  1. Building our First Module [Business Logic]
    • Getting the Workflow right
    • Adding our Models and Inheriting Models
    • Adding security access to models [Access Rights]
  1. Visualizing our First Module [Adding Views and Menus]
    • Visualize with Basic Views – Form, Tree and Search
    • Inheriting Views – Form and Tree
    • Add Navigation – Actions and Menus
    • Working with Data Files
  1. Adding More Menus 
    • Adding Semester
    • Course Work: Add a course Registration functionality, adding Student Name, Level, Session
    • Solution to Course Work
  1. Advance Logic
    • Creating Relationships between Models
    • Working with domains and filters
    • Understanding Odoo API: constraints, computed fields, default values and onchange 
    • Working with Wizards
  1. Advanced Views
    • Working with Calendar View
    • Adding Search View
    • Working with Gantt and Graph View
  1. Security
    • Creating Security Groups
    • Assigning Groups to Users and Limiting Access to Fields and Menus
    • Limiting Record Access using Record Rules 
  1. Internalization
  2. Creating your PDF Report (QWeb)
  3. Automation, Workflows and Emails
    • Creating Automated actions 
    • Working with Workflows
    • Creating Email Template
  1. Odoo Web Services
    • XML-RPC Library 

This course will be available on our Youtube Channel, all you just need to do is subscribe and stay connected for more updates. Feel free to share this post as it will be very helpful to your friends and followers.

Get Your Course Now!

Now for the sake of some who might be having difficulties with understanding the whole thing, maybe you are new to programming. We can have a chat using the chat icon on the website, and we can discuss how you can get more understanding of developing odoo modules.

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