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Hi Guys,

If today is your first time of visiting this website, then I welcome you to this blog. This blog is dedicated to the Odoo Community and every one interested in exploring Odoo.

If you have not heard of Odoo before, that’s alright because you are on the right blog to know and explore Odoo, but in short words, Odoo is an Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Application that is meant to automation business processes.

So who is the Odoo Guy?…

I am Miracle Ayodele from Nigeria, I knew Odoo when I got hired as a Python Developer in a Company, the company is an Odoo Gold Partner and I have been working there for year, worked on several modules ranging from Back-end modules to Front-end modules (Websites).

Leveraging on my knowledge, I will be sharing tips, some will be short as they will be straight to the point and some will need comprehensive explanations. On this blog, I will be working with some Odoo developers in the community to share there view about several topics relating to Odoo.

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